Get more done with less stress,

and find Joy, Peace and Fun on the way.

There are many ways we can deal with stress. By identifying where your stress comes from, and how it is impacting your life, you will see which way will give you the fastest relief, and find time to do it all and have a life you love.

About Kathy Murphy

As a Top High-Performance Coach and Founder/CEO of The Rising Tide, Kathy believes it is never too late for anyone to pursue their dreams. She helps high-achieving professionals get more done with less stress, and find joy, peace and fun on the way. As a former Firefighter, Peace Officer and CEO, Kathy is passionate about helping others overcome stress and burnout so they can create a life and work they love. When the spin slows in their minds, they rise into who they really are and bounce back into an unstoppable, limitless life lived playing full out, with passion purpose and prosperity.

Yahoo Finance named Kathy one of the 10 Most Powerful Women of 2021. For her expertise, Kathy has been featured on NBC, CBS, and Great Day Washington.

Throughout the pandemic I have noticed myself as seemingly the least negatively affected by it, at work and with friends. In terms of my mindset and approach to life, it is hard to explain how circumstances do not impact me like they used to.

David Lawless

I take time for myself now, I go to the gym. But somehow I still get it all done, without bouncing all over like everything is a fire alarm.

Julia Barnes

My stress level was though the roof. I couldn’t sleep at night and was taking Xanax that made me too groggy to work out or think straight in the morning. Work still has a ton to do, but I sleep without the meds, and wake up and work out again.