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Warm Welcome!

Hi beautiful souls! Welcome to my site.  My name is Kathy, I am a thought leader,

coach, author, singer, surfer, and inspirational speaker. Strong on the outside, powerful inside, kind, caring and filled with love.  You too, have those seeds inside you just waiting to come out. 

Its time to fall in love with you. Its your turn to step into your spotlight.  When we connect to who we really are, not what the world says we should be, anything is possible for us.  And as a power together, we are the change the world needs to see. 

 I was born with passion, energy, fire inside, and know for sure Iam am here to inspire and lead others to live their lives with that same energetic badassery. Your light is ready to shine.

waking up every day feeling High Vibe and Fully Alive, overflowing with energy, joy, confidence, and excitement ? Feeling peace on the inside, regardless of outside circumstances. 


living in consistent alignment with who you are and why you are here? 


Letting Go of Feeling “Not Good enough” and being Bold, badass, confident and more than enough. You Know you were born perfect, already enough, nothing to do to get it. It is inside always. 


Leaping out of bed in the morning feeling totally unstoppable? 


Finding more time, energy, joy and peace by no longer trying control what is not yours to fix or control. 


knowing its not only ok to be you, but being you is what sets your soul on fire, and brings your unique brilliance to the world. 


Waking up your inner voice, so your busy mind slows and the head and heart connect, integrate, and you dance with creative force of life, living the life you wished you could. 


No longer playing small but just going for it with all your heart and soul. 


3 Levels of PARADISE

What if paradise was no longer a place you only went to on vacation, but a place that lived inside you no matter where you were ? 

These are intensive play sessions for you if you want to get a jump back into your life in a short amount of time. take a few hours to one day to jump start your life and get unstuck. 

Dare to Be More…Do Less…And Get More Done

These play sessions run from 6 months to 12 months. They may include some of the intensives with them. If you are looking for ongoing support, stretch, and the help you need to totally change your life, and find YOU, PEACE, FREEDOM, JOY……this is the place for you to take back your life.