A rising tide raises all ships.

You just have to have a ship ready.

The Rising Tide is a movement to empower women to reconnect with their infinite potential and wisdom to move forward with joy, intention, ease & grace.

Co-created with the combination of coaching, mentoring, events and retreats, workshops and more, Kathy Murphy, Founder & CEO (Creative Energy Organizer) is available for public speaking events, inspirational interviews, and powerful conversations.

Join us!


Hi beautiful souls! Welcome to my site.  My name is Kathy, I am a thought leader, coach, author, singer, surfer, and inspirational speaker. Strong on the outside, powerful inside, kind, caring and filled with love.  You too, have those seeds inside you just waiting to come out. 

It’s time to fall in love with you. It’s your turn to step into your spotlight.  When we connect to who we really are, not what the world says we should be, anything is possible for us.  And as a power together, we are the change the world needs to see. 

 I was born with passion, energy, fire inside, and know for sure Iam am here to inspire and lead others to live their lives with that same energetic badassery. Your light is ready to shine.

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Kathy Murphy, published author, inspirational speaker, singer/songwriter and California native is a professional surfer of the ocean and waves of life.

She is a passionate Life Coach who believes in the invisible and will co-create the impossible with her clients. Her movement, The Rising Tide, helps all women become a force of and in harmony with nature so that they can be a rising tide and in turn rise all the ships.

Kathy is deeply committed to hard-working women who are unknowingly in abusive relationships – with themselves. She helps them connect with their joy in the way it connects with the rhythm of life, so that they can redefine their needs and desires.

When women can get out of their heads and into their heart, this is when untapped potential resurfaces, a deeper sense of compassion is attained and their inner wisdom can guide them to greatness with ease & grace (without trying)!

Kathy Murphy’s past experience as a firefighter, police officer and politician, combined with her masterful curation of the philosophies of the Mind & Body is aligned to bring Truth with a capital T to all in her path.



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