Kathy Murphy, Public Speaker

Are you seeking a dynamic speaker to headline your next event?

Do you need a powerful presence to inspire your leadership team?

Will your organization benefit from a collective energetic upgrade?

When Kathy takes the stage, she brings more than her 45 years of experience as a CEO and speaker. She brings soul, grit, humor, connection, empathy and a deep truth that inspires every audience.

Kathy is a multi-hyphenate, multi-passionate coach, leader, surfer, singer/songwriter and change agent. She has spent the past 45 years leading groups, managing staff, stakeholders, training others to lead and working with individuals 1:1. She speaks totally from the heart as she connects with everyone and the energy of the group. When Kathy speaks, she motivates, uplifts and inspires aligned action, often sparking new solutions to existing problems.

>Her focus areas include:

  • Overcoming burnout
  • Tapping into your limitless potential
  • Moving past fear
  • Leading responsively, leading powerfully through uncertainty, developing self leadership
  • Using grace instead of grit
  • Unlocking your truth
  • Surfing life’s waves
  • New wave sustainable high performance

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