The Ripple Effect: Corporate Leadership Coaching

The Ripple Effect Leadership Coaching:
When one person rises, we all rise up. This ripple effect is the foundation of my corporate leadership coaching and an outcome that I have witnessed time and again through my client work.

What is The Ripple Effect:
The Ripple Effect is a custom program developed for mid-level and large organizations that are looking to optimize productivity, develop key leaders and inspire all employees to level up.

Who is The Ripple Effect For:
The Ripple Effect is strategically designed to engage leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries to amplify their personal growth. When this group transforms into more conscious, compassionate and evolved humans and leaders, they ignite a cascade that inspires growth and trust in their employees.

The Ripple Effect is for companies or solo entrepreneurs that want to uplevel their business in a format that breaks free from the traditional boundaries of corporate coaching.

What Is the Format of The Ripple Effect?

This training is unlike other corporate coaching programs. Kathy takes her clients out of their current paradigm of limited thinking and uncertainty and into fresh, new territory where they understand how they operate as human beings. It is from this place that they are able to access infinite potential, creativity, genius and wisdom to excel in constant change. When these individuals can recognize how they can thrive as leaders, they elevate their business and their team members in the process.

A formation of 1:1 mentoring sessions with Kathy will create an environment for leaders to strengthen their instincts, intuition, connection with self and flexible mindset.

Throughout the Ripple Effect Program, Kathy will invoke multiple touch points to strengthen:

  • Sustainable high performance
  • The art of connection
  • How to trust and act on your intuition
  • Adapting to broad changes in personal and professional life
  • Leading confidently in the right direction
  • Cultivating resilience, agility and power

No two coaching programs are alike. Kathy invokes her intuition and energetic understanding to customize each Ripple Effect Leadership Coaching session to the unique needs of her clients and their organization.