What People Are Saying:

From Victimhood to Total Freedom:

I went from victim, to totally free. A life doing what I thought I had to, to a life doing what I wanted to and it had freedom, fun, joy, peace and a whole new guidance present inside.

When I first met Kathy I was a victim. Now, I have no more shit in my life. I am way more conscious than I have ever been. I now experience fully all life has to offer: I have gotten rid of shoulds, should, cant’s, and now live a hell yes, hell no life and know how to find can, regardless of outside circumstances. I am so thankful I met Kathy and was able to coach with her. I used to get hung up in my monkey brain, swirling everywhere in the past, the present, the future trying to figure it all out. Now I notice it, allow it to quiet and shift because she pointed me to where I saw it is how we work as human beings. Kathy helped me to have fun, joy, and peace in my life like I never had before, ever. One of the biggest gifts that I received from working with Kathy is that I felt good about myself, loved myself, and do not think I ever had before, it is priceless.

Tamara Thompson

One Badass Lifestyle Coach:

The most important thing Kathy did for me was to help me realize I am still me – still smart, still driven, still able to achieve the goals that I set for myself.

Kathy Murphy is one badass lifestyle coach. She made me do something I don’t usually do– focus on my feelings, rather than trying to fix everything with analysis. I’m a natural problem solver, but finding myself again wasn’t a problem I could solve with my head.

Kathy made me identify and engage in the things that nurture me, which allowed me to breath and relax, and realize that I hadn’t lost myself, as I’d thought. In fact, who I found was so much more than I knew I was before.

She kept me accountable with action steps and asked “what went well this week”, so I stopped focusing on what didn’t go well. And I’ve started moving toward a large life goal that was really only a dream before. Kathy Murphy is one badass life coach!

Sue Osborn

Overcoming Fears:

What I got in the time that I worked with Kathy was an understanding that how we do one thing, we do everything.

When I started to think about getting a coach, I was thinking that I wanted somebody to help me overcome my fear of water. I overcame that fear as well as fears in other areas like publishing my best selling book, getting a promotion at work, and moving to my dream city. Kathy helped me to see that I could shoot for the stars and really feel good about myself. I can’t wait to go further with her.

Linda Mundell

An Amazing Experience:

My business is thriving now, and my personal life is better than it has ever been.

What an amazing experience I had with Kathy. She truly is a badass business coach. My team in my business have all stepped into their power as I stepped into mine. I can definitely attribute that to Kathy. She is such an intuitive person and has helped me recognize my blocks and move past them. It was not even hard.

Candy Keating

Elevated Consciousness:

I see the oneness of life and how we are all connected. I cannot believe in our time coaching how much my level of consciousness kept increasing and I got OK when it took dips too. I found that I no longer have to do anything to be mindful, other than what comes to me to do.

Throughout the pandemic I have noticed myself as seemingly the least negatively affected by it, at work and with friends. In terms of my mindset and approach to life, it is hard to explain how circumstances do not impact me like it used to. How I show up is so different. I am not guarded, judging myself or anyone else now, and I do not get sucked into my work team’s energy. Instead, they follow my lead and seem to take mine on. I am so grateful for all the ways that Kathy helped me this year. Her wisdom and guidance have opened up many doors for healing and growth throughout my life. I am truly grateful for it all. I am getting more done than ever, following my inner wisdom, and doing what I know to do. I have more fun, joy, and peace and it feels so free to know I have everything I need inside me.

David Lawless

More Peace Than Ever Before:

I am able to be present each day. The process is hard to explain because after years of therapy for anxiety, ptsd, I was not even close to letting go of it, nor as peaceful as I am today.

Since we worked together I have more peace than I have ever had in my life. Kathy was right, when I showed up in love and not in fight, every relationship in my life changed for the better, beyond what I ever thought possible. It was as if they changed right with me as we worked together and I grew. I can have thoughts go through now about my past, but they do not affect me anymore. I stay present and in that space I have the most incredible peace ever.

Amy Fresnell

Reduced Anxiety and Radical Changes:

When I started to work with Kathy I was looking for a way to make myself better. My head was filled with how to fix myself. What I found was that it was OK to have the thoughts and it meant nothing about me.

Prior to coaching with Kathy I experienced daily anxiety attacks, so bad I could hardly function. I would do everything I could to make them go away. Somehow, I managed to get the kids to school, go to work, and supervise my staff all day. I would come home, severely stressed, with an anxiety that never left and built up more. I spent years of self help trying to find a solution to my problems. I started to clear space in my yard and build a zen room, as we worked on seeing how all life works the same way. I realized when we went out surfing that I had been trying to control the waves, and did not need to anymore because anxious thoughts would come and go when I did nothing. I saw more of who I was. I stopped fighting and showed up in love. Every relationship in my life changed, family and work. I was promoted to a higher level manager, with double the work yet I experience less stress now than before working with Kathy. Even in Covid with two teens at home, I am so calm, peaceful, and go with the flow. I have seen so much more of who I am. I take time for myself, which is something I never found time for before. Magically, everything that needs to get done does, in even less time.


Making Miracles Happen:

What improved in my time with Kathy was my whole life. Within months, through a series of miracles, we moved into our dream house, and my parents sold their house, packed a lifetime of stuff and moved into our mother-in-law quarters. All of this too good to be true.

I knew Kathy from meetings and one day just knew I was ready to coach with her. I was struggling with health, relationships and business. It seemed like everything in my life was a difficult challenge and struggle. The journey with Kathy was a whole new way for me to see and do things. I started off wanting to change my kids, parents, partner, and had some real challenges in even spending time with them. When I learned to show up in love, I understood more of how they see life, and improved every one of the relationships. I had set goals before, but at one point we set an impossible goal to move into a dream house with guest quarters for my parents. Once we set the vision, all my other small goals started happening on the way. Within the following year, my daughter moved into the neighborhood, my granddaughter has a room at my house and plays with us often, and my son and his wife are moving to the area from out of state. My business has thrived, my health still has its days but I regularly do pilates and can do much more than before. Every relationship, and everything about my life improved past anything I thought possible. It was like magic as I let go of what I did not control, and put my time and attention on what I did. I showed up in love everywhere, and found love everywhere and inside me. I am way kinder to myself. I enjoy life, take it moment by moment, and get present in whatever I am doing. My life has more peace than ever before and I am so grateful I was able to coach with Kathy.

Vicki Aubert

A Sense of Peace:

My stress, worry, and overwhelm seemed to fade away and be replaced by a new peace, calm, contentment in my whole life.

I went to Kathy because I wanted to grow my business. I was struggling to create clients, was not making enough income, and was very frustrated with everything I had tried. Over the course of 3 months I changed my relationship with myself, my mindset, and for the first time in 7 years I got back on a horse. My husband and I started going to church together and my relationship with him improved drastically. I took steps in my business but came to find that I enjoyed dog grooming more, and ended up doing more work with the dogs and made more money.

Cheryl Risner