About Kathy Muprhy


I am an energy shifter, an alchemist of change, a mother (of dogs and humans), and so much more.

Over the past 45 years, I have worked with people from all walks of life as a firefighter, police officer, politician, surfer, leader, coach and teacher. These experiences, along with years spent studying the science and philosophy of the mind and human behavior, have given me an understanding of who we are as human beings, how we work and how life works.

I have witnessed profound shifts occur when we release our grip on controlling what will be and instead synch with life’s natural rhythms and flow. It is through harmonizing with what is and developing presence in each moment that we can access infinite possibilities.

Today, it is my mission to empower individuals to awaken to their truth, without the struggle. I am a transformational life coach, an author, a speaker and a mentor who embodies what I teach. I believe that when we understand our innate power, we master the ability to thrive in all tides and waves of life, and] rise up.When one rises, everyone rises. It happens when life energy is felt inside.

My coaching style combines my empathy, supportive and playful nature with an honest, no-nonsense approach to enacting transformation. Together, we will laugh, cry and embrace our humanness. We will look towards your truth, and with a new understanding. You will be empowered to leave the past behind, release worry about the future and take aligned action towards your desires in the now. Instead of pushing, you will allow life to do the heavy lifting for you, as you flow with a new ease and grace. It is from this centered point that we ignite a shift.

In addition to my 1:1 work with clients I am an author, an inspirational speaker, a surfer and a singer/songwriter.

My Approach


My coaching style is non-linear, intuitive and responsive. Each of my unique offerings draws from my years of experience coupled with my innate energetic understanding. Too often we become bogged down in the details, allowing them to thwart our path forward without even realizing it. I throw rules and formulas aside, taking a holistic, 360° approach to coaching. In my method, I focus on teaching you how to use what is already available within you to create the life that you want. My method is never prescriptive, it’s always 100% intuitive and responsive. You show up for each session as you are and together, we coach around your needs and goals. Through our work, I open you up to the impossible and orient you in the direction of what is true for you. I hold space so that you can embody your truth.

Together, we will propel you to a place where you feel confident and courageous, ready to leap forward, leave the past behind and connect to your presence in the NOW.

Current Programs


What if I told you that all it takes is four weeks to unlock a lifetime of potential?  You will instashift into your truth to discover your authentic self. You will understand who you really are, not who you “think” you are or who you should be.

The InstaShift Program was created with a single choice. A choice to believe in the power of thought above all else.

Girls Rock On Waves

G.R.O.W is a 501c3 that empower girls to develop into strong women leaders of the future. G.R.O.W’s mission is to provide programs, funding and scholarship for girls ages 13-19 to participate in self leadership programs, regardless of their financial ability.

The future is female and the time is now– let’s G.R.O.W together!

The Ripple Effect

Kathy takes her clients out of their current paradigm of limited thinking and uncertainty and into fresh, new territory where they understand how they operate as human beings.

It is from this place that they are able to access infinite potential, creativity, genius and wisdom to excel in constant change.

When one person rises,
we all rise up.