The Instashift Program

What if I told you that all it takes is four weeks to unlock a lifetime of potential?

Over the course of one month, you will instashift into your truth to discover your authentic self. You will understand who you really are, not who you “think” you are or who you should be.

The InstaShift Program was created with a single choice. A choice to believe in the power of thought above all else.

When we acknowledge that thought alone can shift our perspective, our potential and our destiny, we can experience whatever we want from life. From this place, we understand that we can transcend our limitations with the power of thought.

I invite you to make one simple choice: stop managing your thoughts, and allow them to do what they do: flow and go. In this space you will see choice and possibility. You can choose to focus on thoughts that fuel your intention and desires.

Program Overview:

The InstaShift is a results-driven program that consists of four distinct modules: each one with a specific goal to connect you with your truth and surf life’s waves, no matter the conditions.

The InstaShift Format:

  • Four weeks of modules including: instruction, education, guidance, support and motivation to shift your thinking, manifest your desires and change your life, led by CEO, and Coach, Kathy Murphy.
  • Videos, PDF handouts, email access, so you can revisit the material at any time!
  • Four 1:1 sessions with CEO and Life Coach, Kathy Murphy for a total of 3 hours of 1:1 time (typically valued at $1,050).
  • BONUS: all InstaShift community members will have continued access and mentorship with Kathy at discounted rates.

Is This the Right Program For Me?

The InstaShift Program is perfect for you if you’re ready to release the notion that radical changes require hard work.

Unlike many other coaching programs, the InstaShift taps into our ability to create whatever life experiences we choose. From this place, we begin to make lasting changes without the hassle or struggle.

The InstaShift experience is unique to each individual because it does not adhere to one prescriptive formula. It is an outline and loose format for navigating life’s waves with grace and ease. Each week, you will play with focusing in the direction you are guided to notice how you are currently creating your life experiences and what is possible for you to create instead.

Throughout the 4 modules you will laugh, you will cry, you will be inspired, your jaw will drop in awe, and you will recognize that you’ve always had what it takes to live a boundless life.