Have you had people tell you you need to slow down ? Do you think yeah maybe, someday, but I have so much to do ? What if you could actually do more in slowing down ? Great news, you can do just that, be more productive when you slow down. Our greatest fears are actually the doorway to our greatest blessings. This may help you to see that your fear of slowing down is likely in the way to some of your greatest blessings. Keep reading and see that you can walk through the doorway of that fear with one small step.  


 Nothing we do is actually just about what it is we do, or what we are thinking in our mind we are afraid of doing.  You see in life it is so much more about who we are being.  The being is us on the inside, the heart, soul, inner voice guided in integration with our mind.  When we are aware of who we are being we find that the doing part becomes easier. 

The doing is the external reflection of who we are being. To give an example if I am doing something in a super stressed state who I am being is a stressed out exhausted person who’s brain is in overdrive and not even completely connected to what i am doing.  Ever do anything, even drive somewhere and not know how you got there or what route you took-thats it, you were being on auto pilot in what you did, drive. Wow, think of the potential outcome when you drive stressed, and when you drive peacefully.  Different experience and different possibilities for what occurs.

This may surprise you but you have a choice in what occurs above.  When we just do, do, do, we are going so fast that we miss the playful, fun, juicy parts of life.  When we slow down and tap inside, we realize who we are being can make the difference between a day we hate, and a day we love.

I know all this because it was my life, and it may be yours, and it is a door of fear that many of my clients have in front of them.  A fear of slowing down and not getting it all done.  Reality check- it never all gets done because when everything we were put here to do is done, we are done too. But by slowing down we get to be here longer, if we keep doing and doing and doing our time here is done much sooner than we may want.

Slowing down to many of us is uncomfortable.  When we slow down we fear that we will not get as much done.  I did not believe it myself until I did deep personal growth work with my coach and now I know that it works.  I was like most of you, believed if I just kept doing more whatever it was I was challenged with would happen.  But those challenges just keep happening and we meet them at high speed, and are able to get them done.  We are overachievers.  But imagine how much we would get done if we slowed down and did them from a state of non stress.  That is the place where our best creativity kicks in.  That is where we are our best, most impactful, and most at peace.  That is where we do not get the constant knocks upside the head telling us that something is not right.  When that does not work we get the big hits, health decline, disease, injuries, lost relationships, and until we stop, we are actually on a downhill life.

When we are taken out of life we have no choice but to slow down.  Ever get sick and struggle with not being able to do anything ? Thats a sign that in times of health, or when you feel ok to push yourself you may be pushing yourself too hard, too fast, too much doing.  If you slowed down even ten minutes a day to start you would find that the times you are doing are enjoyed more, and more productive.

I had a client who has to gotten a new client in her company in 6 years. She kept doing everything she thought she should be doing.  She began to leave her office and go outside for first five, then ten minutes during a break. Outside she would just sit, breath, and slow her mind down not thinking of work and eventually not thinking at all.  Within two weeks she was more productive, had work off her desk that had been sitting forever, and then the new clients rolled in.  Once she expanded the time, reconnected to doing things she loved again, knowing that taking that time and being playful and fun in life like she used to, her life was somehow filled with joy. Shortly after she brought in the biggest client her company had ever had.  Chance ? Hell no.  She slowed down, got out of her head, did what she loved where she was being playful, fun, and got more work done.

I have seen it over and over.  In me first and then every client I have worked with.  This shit works.

Begin by just taking a ten minute break in your day, from whatever you are doing. Working, cleaning house, taking care of kids, projects, it is all the same. Step away to a place where you do not see things that need to be done in front of you. Relax, breathe and just be.  You don’t have to be completely still, you don’t have to totally clear your head, just sit quietly, whatever it takes.  Calming music may be helpful too. See what might be possible with this small change to your life.  Small hinges swing big doors.  This may be a door to peace, slowing down, and speeding up and doing more joyfully.

You may have heard this a thousand times in life, you know what to do and do not need anyone to remind you of it. Maybe the other times you just heard the slow down part and there is no way you plan to slow down.  I get that, I did not end up doing less when I slowed down.  I did end up more productive, more joyful, and more at peace.  If I did it, and it worked for me you can too. I was almost dead when I finally got out of my own head and into being more than just doing and doing.

Its not a challenge, it does not have to be perfect. We can change our mind about anything at any time, so nothing is permanent.  It is a practice that may give your more choices in your life.  Enjoy !

If you are finding this a struggle but ready to BE MORE, DO LESS, and BE MORE PRODUCTIVE.  Connect with me.  You have more choices than you have yet to see.