Old Who Are You?

Who Are You!

I see you, I feel you, I get you, & have been you. 

  • Do you ever have those thoughts of who am i ? Why am i here ? And why isnt my life fun anymore ? Am i just going through the motions but feeling empty inside ?
  • Are you tired of settling here but not sure there is a way out?
  • You may feel stressed out, burned out, or even knocked out of life ?
  • You use the words “should” and “because” often, as you tell yourself what you feel you have to do. 
  • Do you feel like you need to hide and play small ?
  • Do you feel like somewhere on the way you lost yourself ?
  • Are you thinking “is there ever any time left over for me ?”
  • I just keep doing for everyone, and even then it is not enough ?
  • Wondering “is this shit the world told me about what brings success is true, or is it just me, I need to just fix me ?
  • Are you afraid eventually if you speak up for what you want, you will end up alone ?
  • Have you thought about leaving: a job, a relationship, a……., it seems it all is a struggle sometimes and people just wont do what you want them to do. 
  • Are you ready to fire your “inner critic” ?
  • Who the hell said we cant have fun in the process of life, really ? We do not have to keep doing it if it is not fun, and we bring the fun and joy with us, regardless of circumstances so it is possible to have it every day, really. You decide, no one else.
  • Do you find that when you cant find or get what you want you do whatever it takes to make the goal, and keep doing and doing and doing til you get to it, but the journey is stressful now and exhausting. No peace of joy on the way. 
  • You have experienced and conquered many life challenges, but it never feels like enough. 
  • You are not sure anymore what you want or need, but you know it is more than you have now.
  • You second guess yourself, and so you are not fully speaking your truth, connecting with others like you want, sharing your voice and message.
  • You are afraid you are stuck where you are. That this is it for you.
  • Your mind has always gotten you through everything but now it is not cooperating and the doing more is killing you. You just keep going over and over the why am i stuck here and how do i get myself out, it is making you crazy.
  • You wonder if you need help, but you would not ask because you have always done everything yourself.
  • You have anxious thoughts about the future, sometimes it gets in your way of having an ok day. You have tried to get rid of the anxiety but it is still showing up regularly. 
  • Your fear overwhelms you and holds you back from doing what you want.
  • You are afraid what others may think of you. The not good enough is in all areas of your life: lack of money, time, energy, love….
  • There is little to no peace of mind in your life, something is always going on in your head, trying to figure life out. 

Its Time to Stop Settling, & Dare to “BE” More…Do Less

This time the answer is not in your head.  It is in your soul and heart, and you cannot do it alone or you already would have. You need a guide. I may have been sent here for you. Lets connect and discover where you are, where you want to be, and what the path filled with choice and possibility look like.